Faithful Satellite

by Head Records

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There are some consistent threads and themes in the works of The Black Sorrows. We can rely upon darkness, lost love, reformation, weather and seasons, the sun and, of course, the moon, our faithful satellite.

Joe Camilleri and Nick Smith continue to be the masters of the eclectic. No style of music is left in the corner wanting for a dancing partner, just as no dark human theme is left unrevealed.

Guest Satellites:
The Davidson Brothers, Vika & Linda Bull, The Silo String Quartet


released September 16, 2016


all rights reserved



Head Records Melbourne, Australia

Head Records' intention is to create a new label based on old ideas but to think outside the square. A label that allowed artists' work to be heard without compromise, whilst using all means possible to ensure the music be heard by as broad an audience possible.

Head Records, music made by people who love music.
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Track Name: I Love You Anyhow

I saw you walkin down the avenue
the lights were low as I went cruising on through
you swore you stayed at your sister’s all night
but nobody I know wears a skirt that tight
you lied to me then you’re lyin to me now
you get away with murder but I love you anyhow
I hear you talkin on the telephone
you keep it to a whisper cause you’re not alone
tell me it’s your mama on the other end
but she ain’t sayin nothin cause she ain’t your friend
you lied to me then you’re lyin to me now
you get away with murder but I love you anyhow
I caught you starin at his photograph
you said don’t worry hey it’s just a laugh
what else you hidin in your bedroom drawer
and what the hell are you kissin me for
you lied to me then you’re lyin to me now
you get away with murder but I love you anyhow
you’re sendin letters to some other guy
I ask you nice but you won’t testify
you say it’s over it don’t mean a thing
so tell me baby why you still keep his ring
you lied to me then you’re lyin to me now
you get away with murder but I love you anyhow
Track Name: Raise Your Hands

people oh my people
hey everybody come in
all ye who are free from sin
we’re gonna have a meeting of the minds
we’ll speak right from the heart
tear this town apart
and settle it as the clock unwinds
could’ve been one of your daughters
might’ve been one of your sons
layin there in the shadows
where the ragin river runs
I’ll say it one more time
so everyone understands
come on brothers raise your hands
we’ll string him up at midnight
then cut him loose at dawn
bury him deep in unhallowed ground
so he can never be reborn
well this world is full of secrets
and who’s ever gonna know
we’ve got ourselves a county
that’s gotta survive and grow
hey everybody come in
all ye who are free from sin
we’re gonna have a meeting of the minds
so ask yourself a question
you know the answer to
protect the ones you love
before those devils get to you
Track Name: It Ain't Ever Gonna Happen

take the bees from their honey
pluck the stars from the night
cut a thief from his money
that always turns out right
dredge up all the shipwrecks
from the deep black sea
it ain’t ever gonna happen
between you and me
switch the lights off in vegas
get some tears from a shark
lend a hand to another
screamin out in the dark
he’ll get that demon off his back
wake up and find the key
it ain’t ever gonna happen
between you and me
no tibetan snows on the mountain
bullets melted down for scythes
no more roman coins in the fountain
a life free from ills and tithes
there’ll be bread for the hungry
blankets for the cold and tired
they’ll be safe from the enemy
we’ll keep them truly inspired
they’ll untie all the knots
from the family tree
it ain’t ever gonna happen
between you and me
Track Name: Land Of The Dead

every time I think about you baby
all I feel is loss and pain
you took away the love I was given
made it another man’s gain
what I got here is a pistol
aimed straight at my head
if I pull the trigger and it’s loaded
I’ll be walkin in the land of the dead
every time I see you in a movie
I tell myself it can’t be true
how can I be starin at a picture
of someone else lovin you
what I got here is a dagger
pointed right at my heart
if I stab it in deep enough
it’s gonna tear us both wide apart
it’s always been you and you know it
so tell me why does it have to be
I’m tied to the tail of a dragon
and it’s never gonna set me free
every time I dream about you baby
I wake up in a cold cold sweat
there’s things I don’t wanna remember
and a face I can never forget
what I got here is a short rope
strung tight around my neck
if I drop down and it’s strong enough
they’ll find me swingin way below deck
Track Name: Cold Grey Moon

there once was a girl
I used to know
with eyes on fire
and skin pale as snow
love took it’s toll
we drifted apart
but I carry her still
deep in my heart
so deep in my heart
and that cold grey moon
will be rising soon
to watch over me
the tides and the sea
as we roll on into the night
with our faithful satellite
she steals through my dreams
like a beautiful ghost
if I reach out my hand
I can touch her almost
then I awake
with a storm in my head
and try to remember
the words that she said
it was something she said
time slows down
leaves turn brown
the tall willows bend
I just can’t let it end
Track Name: Fix My Bail

they’re comin to arrest me mama
takin me to jail
I got nothing on me honey
can’t you fix my bail
they say that I am guilty mama
I must do my time
all I drank was whisky honey
that ain’t such a crime
and if I went out dancin
I don’t remember why
I woke up in the mornin
beneath a clear blue sky
I might’ve met somebody
who took me for a ride
but when the show was over
I had no place left to hide
it’s goddam dark and lonely mama
locked up in a cell
you don’t get no mercy
when they ring that bell
Track Name: Carolina

she’s all I want she’s all I need
she’s got me runnin
like a hound on a lead
I’m in a mess I’m in a spin
and now my patience
is wearin thin
carolina I’m knockin at your door
carolina so what you waitin for
I’m goin crazy night and day
carolina let me stay
please don’t turn me away
see I’m on fire I need a shot
you better show me
what it is that you got
I’m so alone I’m near the end
I want somebody
who’s more than a friend
there’s no-one else
in this whole town
who’s gonna rise up
and take your crown
if I don’t see you
and love you soon
I’m gonna wind up
howlin at the moon
Track Name: You Were Never Mine

I should have looked away
when you strolled on by
how was I to know
how many tears would flow
until our love could die
the night was black as coal
your lips were ruby red
like a fool deceived
I just believed
every word you said
I walk the same old streets
we used to walk before
and now I ask myself
what am I livin for
and all those worthless stars
they still refuse to shine
I gave you everything
but you were never mine
it takes a broken man
to learn how bad it feels
to fall so far
and carry a scar
that never heals
it seems like you and me
were destined from the start
for an endless dance
in a doomed romance
of reckless hearts
Track Name: Winter Rose

it’s always the same
with my winter rose
the closer I get
the further she goes
so when can I tell her
how lonely it feels
and someone must pay
for the love that she steals
it’s never too late
for my winter rose
to race the big river
and see where it flows
as deep as a sunset
and lighter than air
she just disappears
then she’s everywhere
while summer days fade
and a cold night looms
my wild winter flower
sparkles and blooms
it can’t be too soon
for my winter rose
to give in to desire
it’s all that she knows
I need her forever
I want her right now
I’ll capture her heart
make it mine somehow
Track Name: Love Is On Its Way

when you close your eyes
you’ll wake and realize
love is in the whitest light
love is in the deepest night
love is here to stay
know it when I say
love is here to stay
hear me when I say
love is here to stay
when it fills your heart
you’ll rise and take your part
its so deep within your soul
just let it take control
hear me when I say
love is here to stay
love is on its way
come and take your share
love is everywhere
in perfect harmony
love will always be
Track Name: Beat Nightmare

caught in a sapphire mist on blood island
there’s no way home tonight
not tonight not ever
ain’t no use weepin or cryin out to the lord
might as well just close your eyes
accept your fate and be done with it
you won’t live to tell the tale
for the undead do not speak
they ride the wild night like phantoms
on waves of pain and fear
it’s sanctuary we all seek but cannot find
the last candle is snuffed out
by trembling fingers
the whispers in the air are the voices of madmen
hushed by demons
this town cries out for salvation
screams for retribution
wails for redemption and eternal peace
if there is hope in the blackest of nights
it must come from afar
oh my brothers believe me when I say rise up
oh my sisters there’s nothin
but the nightmares of the dead
to keep you company through eternity
tell me now tell me
if it’s life and love and all the sweet promises
you hold so dear and so close to your hearts
pray now my brethren pray now
for a miracle at the gates of revelation
the harmonious voice of creation
an echo of the invisible world
the only universal tongue
wild sounds civilized by time and tune
the instruments of ecstatic delight
will soon be upon us
to feed our hungry souls
and whip us into frenzy
to bring us into sacred union
and send the damned back to the inferno
to their place of torment
to the fires that shall never be quenched
for the inheritance of the saints is at hand
the mystical power of radiance and sound
the return of the voodoo sheiks
hail the return of the voodoo sheiks
we call upon you now
to restore the natural order
the people of this forsaken land await
the salvation redemption retribution
all hail the return of the voodoo sheiks
Track Name: Into Twilight

it’s cold and it’s hard
the rain’s teemin down
it’s the last time I’ll trudge
through the streets of this town
I ain’t sayin farewell
to my family or friends
I’ll take a chance on the ocean
and see where it ends
I lost somethin sacred
more precious than jewels
I traded true love
for the empire of fools
straight through the heart
like an arrow from a bow
there’s nothing for us here
so row boys row
we’ll sail away from this harbour
feel the waves getting higher
like a leaf tossed on the water
into twilight
caught somewhere in between
what’s about to come
and what’s already been
on a wild night
we’ll be crossin that line
into a new world of promise
with the stars yet to shine
I don’t serve any flag
no nation or king
the sea’s my mistress
to her I owe everything
all of my secrets
all of my fears
the fire in my soul
the salt in my tears

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